Pediatric Nursing

Taking your baby home from the NICU can be both joyful – and a little intimidating. This is especially true for families who find themselves going home with oxygen equipment, apnea monitors, suctioning equipment or complicated feeding and medication regimens. Even when your baby is stable enough to go home you still might find yourself wanting the assistance of skilled nursing staff to help you with your child’s care. 

J&J Home Care will deliver superior customer service while making your child and family our #1 priority.  We will go above and beyond for our clients and provide top notch patient care!  Our nurses are available 24 hours 7 days a week.  When selecting a Home Health agency for your child in need, choose J&J Home Care, Inc.

The determination of whether or not a child needs in-home care isn’t necessarily made based on the baby’s diagnosis, instead it’s decided based on the medical fragility of the child.  The child is considered medically fragile if he or she has an ongoing or chronic illness which has lasted at least one year or which has required a hospital stay of one month or longer.  Generally he or she would require daily medical treatments and monitoring, and are dependent on a medical device or assistive technology.

Some examples of children who would qualify for home nursing care are:

  • Premature Infant most premature infants (24 – 32 weeks) have complications that would qualify them for home nursing;

  • Respiratory-compromised children –bronchopulmonary dysplasia, traumatic brain injury complications, syndrome- related complications, tracheostomy either permanent or temporary;

  • Cardiac-compromised children – syndrome-related complications, congenital anomaly, etc.; Neurologically-compromised children – seizure disorder, syndrome-related, Cerebral Palsy, seizure control devices;

  • Ventilator Dependent Children

  • Gastronomy - children who require feeding via NJ tube or G button

  • J&J Home Care, Inc. provide home care for medically fragile children from 0 – 20 years of age J&J Home Care, Inc. works more like Private Duty Nursing (PDN) instead of intermittent care which is the case in geriatric home health.  When we are talking about PDN, we are talking about skilled nursing care provided in the patient’s home on an hourly basis.  This could be as little as 4 hours a day or up to 24 hours a day, depending on the needs of the child.  Home nursing is a continuation and an extension of the nursing care that was received in the NICU.  Skillful observations, medical treatments, charting, medication management, and caregiver education are just some examples of what skilled nursing can do in the home.