Personal Care Services AKA NM Centennial Care

The( PCO) Personal Care Option program is designed to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities and health conditions, to prevent them from entering nursing facilities.  Personal Care attendants can provide a range of in-home services (assistance eating, hygiene, grooming, meal prep, etc.) that enable individuals to live in their own homes and achieve the highest level of independence possible.

Who is eligible?

The PCO program is available to individuals eligible for full Medicaid coverage 21 years of age or older, who need help with two or more activities of daily living.  Individuals must meet the level of care requirements due to disability or functional limitations.

Our staff of homemakers and personal care attendants are trained, background checked and orientated with on-going in-services and trainings with annual competencies and evaluations.

If need help with personal care or help in your home.

  1. Call number on the back of your card (Medicaid), and ask for a HRA (health risk assessment) all members are supposed to have this done.
  2. Then according to that assessment, a comprehensive nursing assessment (CNA) will be done in the home at a scheduled time, that decides budget/hours and time for homemaker in the home, the budget and authorization sent to home care agency.
  3. Agency will then go thru hiring and orientation process for a homemaker to meet the individuals’ needs, according to the budget from the centennial care provider.

Personal Care services offer assistance with: 

Self-administered medication

Bowel and Bladder Services

Cognitive Assistance


Household Services

Hygiene, Grooming, Bathing

Meal Preparation

Minor Maintenance of Assistive Device(s)

Skin Care

Support Services